Can You and I Know Truth Exists?

  Where does truth come from and is it knowable? That question seems to be harder and harder to grasp for many people today, who rely on just the senses for determining their reality of truth. But the senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch come far short of knowing real truth, only to leave […]

Why Don’t Christians Like Apologetics? Three Responses to Three Popular Objections to Apologetics

Every so often I find myself frustrated, wondering how long it will take Christians to get the idea that our culture is changing right before our eyes and that we need to update how we share with our ever increasing skeptical culture the gospel of Christ. Please understand I am not advocating changing the unchanging […]

How Can I ‘Know’ God Exists?

An informal non intimidating way for explaining God’s existence around the “water cooler” work environment?

Apologetics: Who Really Needs It?

Whenever one hears the word, “apologetics,” there are all kinds of questions that come to mind. “What am I apologizing for being a Christian for?”  “Do you really think You can argue someone into Heaven!” Or someone says, “It’s not biblical” (I like that one for sure). However our culture is becoming more and more […]

Why Apologetics?

If someone were to ask you, what is apologetics, and in particular, Christian apologetics, would you know how to answer them?  Would you first think of it as being explaining why you’re sorry and have to apologize for something?  Or is it something else? Why is apologetics important? Many pastors might think that apologetics is not […]