A Biblical Look at Apologetics

Not too long ago there was a running thread on my
Facebook wall about being dumbfounded about why Christians see apologetics as an unnecessary discipline in the Christian life and witness. That posting created what I call “blog fodder” which is now prompting me write this post after about a week of study, and research.  So what I would like to present here is a biblical understanding of apologetics from 1 Peter 3:15 and how it relates to contemporary evangelism.  Continue reading

Five Questions Every Worldview MUST Answer Coherently and Cohesively

You hear a lot about the subject of world views and you may have run across some posts here at The Real Issue on world views. But repetition is always a good teacher, particularly when it comes to matters of truth and ministry. 


There are a variety of definitions that are presented by different authors. When we look at the meaning of the worldview, my go to is James Sire’s definition where he says that a worldview is  a worldview is a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can be expressed as a story or in a set of presuppositions (assumptions, that may be true, partially true, or false) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously) about the basic constitution of reality, and that provides that foundation on which we live and move and have our being“.[1]  

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How Can I ‘Know’ God Exists?


Over the last few months, I have had conversations with co-workers who have engaging questions about life and spirituality. Some have held foreign worldviews, like Wicca, and others have a nominal understanding of Christianity. So no matter whether one challenges me with the question of “How do you like your blind faith?” or another asks “When you say God, what do you mean?” the question is still the same. That question is what kind of God exists?

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Apologetics: Who Really Needs It?

f8246cb9cfb457016295052d5d6b77c6Whenever one hears the word, “apologetics,” there are all kinds of questions that come to mind. “What am I apologizing for being a Christian for?”  “Do you really think You can argue someone into Heaven!” Or someone says, “It’s not biblical” (I like that one for sure).

However our culture is becoming more and more hostile. Believers are finding themselves engaged in conversations with co-workers who are skeptical, and have very little information to articulate other than the Bible says.

Folks, I believe the Bible is the Word of God, but the skeptic does not. And one thing that I have been thinking about lately as our pastor has been preaching through Acts is this: Those who lived within the timeframe of the Early church had the events of the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, the letters of the apostles right there in their immediate past.  Today, it is a different story. Continue reading