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Five Questions Every Worldview MUST Answer Coherently and Cohesively

You hear a lot about the subject of world views and you may have run across some posts here at The Real Issue on world views. But repetition is always a good teacher, particularly when it comes to matters of truth and ministry.    There are a variety of definitions that are presented by different […]

How Can I ‘Know’ God Exists?

An informal non intimidating way for explaining God’s existence around the “water cooler” work environment?

Apologetics: Who Really Needs It?

Whenever one hears the word, “apologetics,” there are all kinds of questions that come to mind. “What am I apologizing for being a Christian for?”  “Do you really think You can argue someone into Heaven!” Or someone says, “It’s not biblical” (I like that one for sure). However our culture is becoming more and more […]